Handmade and heartmade!

Sibajitis is an artistic project born out of the idea of reutilizing objects that have lost their use and endow then with new life and a higher value.
The name Sibajitis comes from its creator’s surname: Sibajas, who being obsessed with reutilizing every object that fell in her hands, and seeing that her cause was becoming contagious decided to add “itis” at the end to create her brand’s name.
A bicycle brake, parts of a bag, kitchen scissors, plastics, a kettle cover, ties that have “gone out of fashion”, pieces of discarded leather from small workshops ... transformed into necklaces, earrings and unique bracelets. We offer customized services, in which we transform any material you wish into one of our designs. Also, we organize workshops on upcycling and handmade jewelry.

We are member of AMSE (Spanish Sustainable Fashion Association).


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Video from the sustainable fashion show at Momad in February 2019 where Sibajitis has participate with others members of AMSE (Spanish Sustainable Fashion Association).

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